We give public servants the skills to solve complex challenges.

Problem-solving workshops built for government.

Public School runs half-day or day-long workshops that train your staff on the critical skills they need to understand a problem, make a plan, and create a solution.

Learn Skills

Our workshops teach tactical skills that your staff can use on the job right away.

Solve Problems

Each workshop is built around helping your team tackle one of your current problems.

Engage Staff

Staff leave our workshops feeling empowered and reenergized.

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Designing a program or service

Taught with 3x3

Evaluating a program or service

Taught with 3x3

Creating a strategic plan

Taught with Thicket

Mapping your stakeholders

Taught with Thicket

Engaging diverse communities

Taught with TYTHEdesign

Facilitating productive conversations

Taught with TYTHEdesign

Designing a website or app

Taught with Bureau Blank

Designing a marketing campaign

Taught with Bureau Blank

Case Study:
Community Engagement

NYC Department of Veterans Services

Challenge: The brand-new department is replacing an older office that struggled to engage the city’s 210,000 veterans. How can this department start engaging veterans from day one?

What we did: We helped the department's new community outreach team create a shared vision for their work, then trained their staff on effective ways for engaging the public. We also taught basic tools for turning difficult conversations into productive dialogues.

Case Study:
Stakeholder Mapping

NYC Department of Health & Mental Hygiene

Challenge: A chronic disease prevention initiative includes several programs and hundreds of partners. How can the department encourage meaningful collaboration across all relevant programs and partners?

What we did: We taught department staff to build a stakeholder map for their entire initiative and helped them identify gaps between the program and the partners. Then, staff learned how to apply their insights to a framework for rethinking collaboration and strategy.

Case Study:
Program Design

NYC Department of Housing Preservation and Development

Challenge: The department is launching an innovative service to help stabilize formerly homeless tenants in affordable housing. How can this service meet the complex needs of both tenants and landlords?

What we did: We trained a group of department staff and service providers to understand the needs of tenants and landlords, brainstorm creative solutions, and blueprint how this service will function.

Case Study:
Digital Design

Newark Office of Information Technology

Challenge: The office is looking to build a culture of creative problem-solving for its IT support, infrastructure, and development staff. How can you design better IT experiences for other city departments and for citizens?

What we did: We walked the staff through a human-centered design process focused on building a new small business portal. Using their customer service experience as a starting point, teams learned how to understand their users, identify opportunities for problem-solving, and rapidly prototype digital solutions.